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FHA, specialists in trade finance and credit insurance, providing the best solutions to businesses seeking funding and credit insurance protection.

Companies looking for additional working capital to fund sales and growth can obtain information on ways to raise finance on unpaid invoices using factoring or invoice discounting and on how to enhance those facilities further.

Cashflow Trader is described under Payment Guarantee. This product gives protection against bad debts as well as a guaranteed payment of outstanding invoices at a maximum of 65 days.

The full range of credit insurance products is described. Whether your need is for a policy covering sales within the UK, export sales or a global policy you will find that we have a solution for you.

Importers seeking finance or letter of credit facilities will find details under "Funding your purchases"



Financing Your Sales Funding Your Sales Payment Guarantee Credit Insurance
Never lose a sale for lack of funding. Funding for confirmed orders Manage your credit risk and protect your major asset.
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