Funding Your Purchases


Free up working capital

There are a number of bonds available from the insurance sector which will enable you to free up some of that working capital for normal trading needs. These insurance bonds are “off balance sheet”. No charge over assets is required and they do not impact on your overdraft facility.

Costs compare well with the banks.

These bonds and guarantees are available for EU schemes as well as in the UK.

Construction Industry

Advance Payment Bonds, Development Bonds, Performance bonds, and even Retention Bonds enabling you to obtain the full amount of certified payments as your contract progresses.

General Industry

Advance and Stage Payment bonds are available to protect you when you make advance payment for goods or services.

Importers Duty Deferment Guarantees

With the agreement of HMRC in the UK you can provide a bond to HMRC which enables you to defer payment of VAT and Duty for up to 45 days.

For an importer this means a closing of the gap between paying the VAT and Duty and getting paid by your customer.

Other Bonds & Guarantees

Please contact us if you have a need for a different type of bond.

Could you benefit?

You need to have been trading for at least 3 years and be profitable.

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